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Unmatched Innovation in Samsung A12 Handsets

Unmatched Innovation in Samsung A12 Handsets


The Samsung A12 is an Android handset manufactured by Samsung Electronics. The phone was formally announced in November of last year as a replacement for the popular Samsung Galaxy A11. The phone features a unique quad-camera set up with a 16 MP primary camera, a six.5 inch high-definition curved screen, and a 1.2amp Li-po battery. It also ships with latest Android 10. The manufacturer of this phone is Samsung.

Since it is a new handset, there are a few pre-installed apps which are worth taking a look at. These include the Samsung Finance, Samsung Points, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Health. These are the only apps that come preinstalled on this phone. Apart from that, you have to download various other Samsung apps like Samsung Hub, Samsung News, and Samsung Weather.

Samsung has provided the users with two different storage capacities of the A12. The first capacity comes in the form of a single large memory card which offers you more storage than what your average smartphone offers. This should prove handy if you are planning to use the phone for various purposes. The second type of storage comes in the form of internal memory. As this is the first Samsung handset to feature this, we can expect that it may come under some restrictions once the phones hit the international market.

One of the key selling points of this phone is its design. With its rectangular form, it looks pretty trendy and classy. On the other hand, the larger display size proves convenient for those who need to multi-task. You can easily browse the internet, play games, watch movies, take pictures, and so on. You can also store your valuable data using the microSD slot present in the Samsung A12. samsung a12

Speaking of the design, the company has once again outdone itself. Apart from being stylish, it comes with features which are perfect for a contemporary lifestyle. Samsung has once again brought something which looks appealing while giving value for money. The phones are water resistant and are shock proof. You can also go in for the optional screen protector if you want to keep your Samsung A12 protected from scratches. Since the phone comes with a 3.2 inch Super AMOLED touch screen, you will not have to get annoyed with the constant scratching.

The Samsung A12 definitely has all the features it promises to offer. It gives you everything you could ask for in a mobile phone. You just need to look for a reliable Samsung supplier and find one with the lowest possible price. Get your hands on one and experience the convenience it brings.

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