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A Strong Yes – A Galaxy A12 Review

A Strong Yes – A Galaxy A12 Review


With four mega-ixels in the camera and one in front, Galaxy A12 now gives you the high quality mobile camera experience that you crave. With an impressively long lasting 5,100 mAH battery that charges fast, a gorgeous high-contrast screen, and a powerful processor so you can trust it to help you snap the awesome around you, Galaxy A12 is definitely here to aid you capture the amazing in your every day life. There’s no doubt that this digital camera from Samsung will be a great addition to your collection.Galaxy A12

You can take excellent images with the touch of a button, but you don’t want to have to wait for hours upon hours of battery life. That’s where Galaxy A12’s ability to extend its battery life comes in handy. With the ability to activate the camera after charging it up to normal levels, you get hands-free use out of your camera even when you’re away from home and able to use it only for a short amount of time. This makes Galaxy A12 an excellent choice for someone who wants to have hands-free use in all situations.

But it’s not just the extended battery life that makes this digital camera stand-out among the pack. With a user interface that is as easy to use as your typical point-and-shoot digital camera, Galaxy A12 takes the function of a typical point-and-shoot model and cranks it up to the highest level. With intuitive controls on the display screen and an auto-focus feature that lets you take the picture with less effort, Galaxy A12 gives you an easy, intuitive operation that works perfectly in any situation. This long-lasting camera also lets you take as many shots as you’d like and download them straight to your phone or e-reader.

In addition to giving you hands-free operation, the Galaxy A12 also features four cameras: a single lens reflex camera for action and portraits, a still camera for casual snapshots, a professional mode for shooting in different conditions and a miniature camera. At first glance, these four gadgets seem redundant, but the truth is that they compliment one another perfectly. The single lens reflex camera allows you to shoot in a straight, focused shot even at significant movement such as a fast move or a sudden jerk. Even when you’re not actively moving the camera remains stable, allowing you to get more accurate pictures. And because it features a motorized shutter, you can take pictures in any light with much less effort than you would with other phones.

If you want something compact that offers a lot of power, then the Galaxy A12 review is for you. With a high-speed microSD slot and an expandable memory of two gigabytes or more, the ability to add a bunch of music or images straight to your phone is just a swipe away. As previously mentioned, you can easily download images directly to your phone and transfer them to your music player, game console or even e-reader. This allows you to continue enjoying your content long after you have removed it from your computer. Of course, this comes with a price – you will need a microSD card and an Internet connection.

If you are looking for a new phone that packs everything to punch, then the Galaxy A12 could be the phone for you. Built by Samsung with a sleek design and powerful performance, this handset provides everything you would expect from a device in this category, minus one little thing: a slow charging system. With a fast charging microSD card and a long-lasting battery, the Galaxy A12 review concludes with a strong yes.

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